Thursday, 8 May 2014

Sumo Insight - Real time market research

During the Confex, Colin White from Sumo Insight held a seminar talking about capturing visitor opinion and ensuring that your business is close to its visitors. With only 40% of event organisers having experience of using events apps, this is a way of staying ahead of the game in terms of building a following for your events. More than ever before consumers are keen to participate in events and express themselves, what this does mean however is that your potential clients will be looking at as many options as possible as they become more and more demanding. 

Qualitative Smart Moments of Truth

In terms of events, this now means that marketing has become a 24/7 activity! With consumers constantly talking about what they are doing on social media and review websites, there is now an expectation for businesses to listen to these comments and react quickly. Quite often the events that go the furthest are the ones that take on board praise/criticism and react quickest!

Sumo Insight are a provider of the tools that can be used to harness this information and get results in the quickest way possible. By using surveys on mobile devices, this app allows users to immediately update their opinions of what they are doing at that time. Having this real time interaction with people giving feedback while still at the event allows for the best possible results, i.e. immediate reactions while it is still fresh in the memory. It also allows for conversations and discussions to be struck up during the event if quantitative data would be more useful to your projects.

How far can this technology go? At the moment the sky appears to be the limit with new ideas for apps coming out almost daily, although you have to wonder at which point do people stop experiencing what they are doing in the moment and instead are just focussed on who is reading what they are posting on the latest social media! 


  1. Interesting read. Can't be long before football grounds start installing wi-fi, so that fans can tweet while they watch? Or at half time?

  2. Maybe that's one of the reasons that they haven't done so yet. I can't see any other reason as it could potentially be another money making scheme which we know football clubs aren't afraid of!