Friday, 9 May 2014

Emergence of 'IMEXlive'

It is always an annoyance when there is an event you wish to attend but for some reason have to miss out. Now with the emergence of IMEXlive it seems that annoyance may just be a thing of the past.

Last year saw the launch of IMEXlive in Frankfurt and from the success of that came a new sponsorship deal. With this new deal IMEXlive is now going to be able to run for a second year at both IMEX Frankfurt and IMEX America.

The platform is aimed mainly at those who cannot be at the event allowing them to have a feel real of what is going on. According to organisers it aims to tell the story of what s going on at the event through the use of pictures and videos. IMEXlive broadcasts live blogging along with a 'social media mash-up' in which viewers can interact withthe site using the IMEX hashtag. This all means that for those who can't physically be at the venue can still have the experience from the comfort of their own homes.

The 24 hour virtual window into the trade show had great reviews from both attendees and exhibitors.

“The new version of IMEXlive is a major development of the platform and 
allows us to give the online audience a real taste of the buzz that can be felt on the 
show floor," says IMEX’s Senior Online Community Manager Miguel Neves.
 "IMEXlive combines cutting-edge technology with creative human interaction 
to create a socially-driven platform that shows the online world what IMEX is all about".

IMEX Live is more than just an online stream of the event as it aims to interact with the audience and create the same experience as actually being at the event. This looks like a promising new technological feature that could enhance events all over the world. So no more missing out on the event of the year!

IMEX Live 2014 goes live on the 21st May and stays live for one week after the show so if you're not attending why not check out IMEXlive.

Head over to the website to find out more

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